Meet the talent behind our Bo Peep Fashion Spread.  Kacie's images are also featured on our 2015 homepage and social media.  Kacie Q ('Q' short for Quesenberry) is an energetic and passionate photographer based out of Bozeman, Montana. Weddings, portraits, editorial and fashion fuel her photography passion. Born and raised in the great state of Montana, Kacie loves traveling, but always loves coming home to the Big Sky state. Inspired by those who step in front of her lens.

1.) What inspires you?
I'm truly inspired by the people I meet. By their story. What makes them who they are. What do they love. What are their goals. Where have they come from. All of that mixed in together gives every single person a unique story to be told. It says on the homepage of my website, "Inspired by you." And those are three words I live by. 

2.)What is your favorite place or thing about Montana?
My favorite thing(s) about Montana would have to be the people and the beauty. Montana has such a diverse range of looks and feelings to it. It's an endless adventure, a place I'm proud to call home. However, what would home be without the people who live there. The commanilty of love for the state we all have, coupled with the drive to live a life influenced by our surroundings and the characteristics of a different paced life than most brings about such a genuine feeling of living.

3.)What is your best piece of advice for a Montana Bride?
It is YOUR day. Do things your way. If you want a three minute ceremony where you and your groom walk one another down the aisle, do it. There is no wrong answer. I think when you can release the expectations of a day, you're allowing yourself to be present and enjoy what is going on, rather than worry about the little things. 

4.) How did you get into photography?
I started getting into photography when I was in middle school. When I got to high school, I took all the photo classes that were offered. Having done my undergrad in nutrition and my receiving my masters in sport and performance psychology, photography was always my go-to/for fun. It was in grad school where a coach came and spoke to one of our classes one day. He said something that was my Oprah 'Ah-Ha' moment, the lightbulb going off, the back of bricks falling on my head. He said, "Find your gift, develop your gift and spend the rest of your life sharing your gift with other people. Because in the end, other people are what truly matter." Once I graduated, I moved back to Montana, and started shooting as much as possible. It has since taken me places and done things I never could have dreamed of!  

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Kacie Q Photography
Bozeman, Montana 59718

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