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From lush flowers to quirky designs, boutonniere can be a fun addition to groom’s outfit. If you need some inspiration, have a look at our favourite trends: 

Choose a Single Flower 
If you are planning a traditional wedding, pick one flower from the bride’s bouquet for a boutonniere. It is simple but classy and it doesn’t require a lot of effort. From white roses and peonies to vibrant dahlias and freesias, anything will look great with a classic black tux. 

Be Inspired by Nature 
Nature inspired weddings are very trendy at the moment, so why not make a gorgeous green boutonniere! Use beautiful plants such as ferns, succulents, eucalyptus, oak leaves, acorns or hypericum berries. To make it even more beautiful, wrap the plant in a piece of burlap and tie with a string. 

Use Feathers 
Feathers are very fashionable and you can use them in many different ways. From multi-coloured arrangements to single pheasant feathers combined with leaves and branches, you can make a fabulous alternative to a floral boutonniere. This style goes particularly well for vintage themed weddings and you can also use details like lace, beads and rusty keys. 

Make it Quirky 
If you want something a little different, use a fun accessory instead of flowers. Anything from an old clock dial or a big red heart to a small plastic toy can be your boutonniere. Metal badges with quirky slogans are very hip at the moment, but you can also go DIY crazy and make a fabulous jewellery piece that can be a cool keepsake you won’t throw after the wedding day.
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