Rings by Tiffany & Co.

Coloured gem stones are a popular choice for engagement rings and they can be even more chic than clear sparkly diamonds. From Jacky Kennedy’s legendary engagement ring with gorgeous green emerald to Kate Middleton’s delightful ink blue sapphire encircled with diamonds that was originally chosen by Lady Diana for her engagement with Prince Charles, bright gems can definitely be a fashion statement, so pick your favourite colour and choose the right stone: 
Being the synonym for love, fidelity, friendship and loyalty, blue is very romantic and noble. About 50% of all people claim that it is their favourite colour as it is associated with blue skies and deep oceans. You can choose a blue diamond, sapphire, aquamarine or tourmaline and combine them with clear diamonds and platinum or white gold. (Ring above by Tiffany & Co.)

Since red is the colour of love and passion it is a fabulous choice for an engagement ring. Think bright red ruby like the one on Jessica Simpson’s ring. Rubies are very precious because of they are strong, vivid and very sparkly, but you can also pick rubellite, spinel, red diamonds or even bright red garnet which was worn as a talisman in ancient times. (Ring above by Fairfax & Roberts)
Green is the colour of life and in ancient Rome it was associated with Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Emerald is the most beautiful green stone you can find and Vedas believed that it has healing powers. You can also go for green tourmalines, sapphires, garnets and diamonds. (Ring above by EverettBrookes)

Purple & Pink 
Purple is the colour of spirituality and it is very elegant and stylish. Amethyst is a wonderful choice for your engagement ring if you love this colour, and if you prefer pink choose diamonds or morganites in blush or topaz in hot pink. (Ring above by Andrew Mazzone Design Jewellers)

Yellow & Orange 
Citrus shades are also popular with celebrities and we love yellow stones seen on Kelly Clarkson and Jenny McCarthy. Diamond and citrine is ideal if you prefer yellow, while topaz and tourmaline could be just right for you if you like bright orange. (Ring above by Showcase Jewellers)

Black diamond looks very stylish, especially if contrasted with clear diamonds and a platinum band. Even though they are not hugely popular for engagement rings, you can still consider them because they are much cheaper and look very elegant. (Ring above by Larsen Jewellery)
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