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According to tradition, choosing a wedding cake is the bride’s responsibility, but it is a nice idea to involve groom in the process of tasting. Even though according to tradition it should be a classical fruit cake, nowadays couples can pick any flavour they like. 

Choosing a cake-maker is a key decision, so we suggest that you select a number of candidates and arrange meetings with them. Make sure to see the photos of their work and taste some of the flavours, because you want your cake to look spectacular and taste delicious. 

Decision on how big the cake should be depends on the number of guests. A small three-tiered 22cm cake can feed up to 50 guests, a standard four-tiered 36cm cake will be enough for 150 people, and if you have between 200 and 300 guests you can go with 50cm cake made from six tiers. 

There are many different flavours available, and you can choose one of the most popular options such as mouth-watering chocolate mud which is great for winter weddings, carrot, banana, coffee and tiramisu are suitable for any season and orange and poppyseed which is a refreshing choice is perfect for summer weddings. 

You can also pick one of the delicious wedding cake alternatives such as crocquembouche cake or a cupcake tower which can look just as stunning as traditional cake.
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