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Creating a seating plan for the reception can be a difficult task for any bride and groom, especially if they are having a big wedding. From family members to childhood friends and colleagues from work, it is hard to figure out who to seat where. It is almost impossible to set up an arrangement that will make every single guest happy, but you should try your best to create the most reasonable plan. You should do this tricky job together and it may be a good idea to ask your parents and closest friends to help you. 

The head table reserved for your bridal party is by far the most significant spot at the reception, since everyone will want to have a glimpse at the bride and groom. According to tradition, the bride and her attendants should be on the left side of the table, while the groom and his groomsmen are on the right. A common alternative is to use a male-female-male-female pattern. Many modern couples prefer a venue with round tables instead of big rectangle ones which makes the rigid traditional division of the bridal party to bride’s and groom’s side disappear. 

Tradition says that the parents of bride and groom should be seated with their children at the head table, but nowadays they sit at a separate table which is usually the one closest to the head table. While some parents will be happy to sit next to bride and groom, others might feel more comfortable with a different arrangement and perhaps even sit with members of their family. If this is the case, the bride and groom will sit with their bridesmaids and groomsmen. The best man should sit on the right side of the table next to the groom and the chief bridesmaid’s place is across the table by the bride. 

It is important to create a seating plan which will make you happy. It is your party after all and since taking the leading role is stressful enough, you should be free to make the arrangements that you find most comfortable. Some couples prefer to be alone at the head table where they can have an intimate dinner together, while others like to sit with best man and chief bridesmaid or even include the entire wedding party at the head table.
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