A small emergency kit that contains everything from scissors and adhesives to medicines and deodorant can be very useful on your wedding day and it will make you feel less stressed knowing that you are prepared for the worst-case-scenario.

The first thing you need to do is make a list of items you need to include in your wedding day emergency kit. It will be easier if you divide into several categories such as fixers, adhesives, first aid, hygiene and beauty products.

For any emergency repairs you will need a pair of scissors, a small sewing kit that includes threads in your wedding colours, safety pins, some adhesives such as fashion tape, hem tape, superglue and a bottle of clear nail polish.

In the event that you stain your dress or the groom’s suit, it is good to have some cleaning products such as stain removers and standard tissues. A pack of baby wipes can be used for multiple purposes including refreshing yourself, and it is also important to bring tampons, deodorant, blotting paper, cotton swabs, bobby pins, tweezers, lipstick, compact powder and a small mirror for touch-ups.

You will also need to prepare a small first aid kit with rubbing alcohol, band aids, blister protection and pain killers, and don’t forget to bring a charger in case that your phone dies!
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