Traditional guest books are a wedding essential, but if you want something a little different for your wedding, be creative and think of an alternative that will make a fabulous keepsake and won’t just gather dust on your book shelf. Your guests will be delighted to sign an original guest book alternative which will give them the opportunity to be playful. Signing fun cards or even objects like bottles or old records is very fashionable at the moment and it makes the job for your guests much easier because all they need to do is write their names.
Weddingstar offers plenty of fabulous guest book alternatives, so if you are looking for something truly unique, have a look at our top picks… 

Inscribable signature mat kit is a gorgeous guest book alternative because you can use it as a customised photo frame and proudly display it in your home. This lovely souvenir will always remind you of your big day and make you think of your friends and family every time you see it. When you purchase a mat you will also get an easy-to-use engraving scribe and a polishing cloth. The mat will never rust of fade away so you will have a fabulous keepsake with handwritten messages on your wall for many years to come. 

This transparent acrylic shadow box “From the Heart” is not just a fun and easy way for your guests to express their love, it will also look very decorative at your wedding reception. Signed hearts in a box are a fantastic piece of art to display on a shelf at home and you can even make various shapes and designs with adhesive tape that comes with this gorgeous kit. 

This travel inspired guest book kit “Our Journey Begins” is really fun because it includes a 52-page passport style guest book, three different rubber stamps and a detailed instruction. This is a great choice for couples who love travelling or weddings with many guests coming from abroad. Your friends will love the idea to stamp the guestbook instead of just signing it. It is not always easy to think of the right words so in order to avoid clich├ęd wording, your guests can write in the names of places they suggest you to visit together. 

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