Tuxedo by Studio Italia

There is nothing more sophisticated and elegant than a classic black tuxedo and it is by far the most preferred men’s outfit for weddings. However, if you want to look good in a tuxedo you need to choose quality fabrics, stylish accessories and stick to basic rules. It is also very important to that your tuxedo is perfectly tailored, so renting one is not always the best idea. 

Your black tie outfit should include a white shirt, jacket with peak lapels or shawl collar, pants with a stripe that matches your lapels and a black self tied bow tie. 

Accessories are also very important! A pocket square is a must and it should be a neatly folded white linen cloth. Cufflinks should be visible and they can be made from gold, silver, pearl or onyx, while studs are not obligatory, but can improve your styling. You should never wear a belt with a tuxedo, instead use suspenders to hold your trousers. Shoes should be lace up, perfectly plain and well polished. Loafers are allowed too, but it is a bit of a risky choice. 

When buying a tuxedo it is important to look for quality fabrics. Since the same black tux can be worn on several occasions without anyone noticing, it is a good idea to invest in a really good one, so look for established brands such as Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren.
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