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When picturing your dream wedding reception are you thinking of dancing until dawn at a fun cocktail party or having a cosy breakfast or lunch and catching a plane for your honeymoon destination afterwards? From morning receptions, which can be very cost-effective, to extravagant formal dinners that may be more expensive, there are many different ways to celebrate your wedding. 

Organising a breakfast wedding is a good idea if you are an early morning person. You can serve classical breakfast meals or even make a buffet with bite-size food such as omelettes and biscuits with coffee. 

Brunch is another inexpensive and yet stylish way to celebrate your wedding. You can have a wonderful affordable menu with a fun wedding cake alternative such as a donut tower or a pancake stack! 

A formal lunch is a very convenient option if you don’t want to get up too early. It is not as expensive as a dinner and you will still have delicious food on the menu. 

informal lunch is ideal if you want to make a low-budget intimate reception for your closest family and friends. You can make DIY decorations and serve homemade sweet treats instead of a traditional wedding cake. To make your luncheon more exciting, you can pack the food in pretty baskets, bring colourful blankets and make a stylish picnic outside! This fun idea is perfect for spring time weddings. 

Afternoon tea can be very elegant and romantic with beautiful porcelain teacups and teapots, bunches of roses in crystal cut rose bowls on the tables, yummy sandwiches, biscuits and cupcakes! 

A formal dinner is the best choice if you want to make a big reception for all your friends and family. Browse our online wedding services directory to find an elegant reception venue in your state.

You could also organise a more informal dinner which allows you to be inventive with decorating the venue and choosing a different menu. 

A buffet is great if you want a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere at your wedding party. Your guests will be able to help themselves with food and drink and mingle, rather than just sit at their designated table. 

Everyone loves desserts, so why not skip the savoury food and make your wedding a dessert reception! Make a huge sweets buffet and serve colourful cocktails with it. 

If you prefer an evening bash, throwing a cocktail party with dance music, lots of drinks and tasty bite-size food is the best choice. 

Indoor receptions are great for the cooler months. Depending on your taste and the size of budget, you can choose anything from a formal lunch or dinner to a fun and casual cocktail party. 

Spring and summer are ideal for outdoor receptions. You can organise a lovely picnic, garden party or a romantic dinner under candle lights!

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