Image by The Evoke Company

If you want to infuse a bit of trend to your wedding theme without too much effort, just use bright-coloured seasonal flowers to decorate your venue. We love this design because it is so effortless and yet incredibly appealing! It is perfect for vintage or rustic themed weddings and all you need is a natural background colour and a bunch of colourful flowers which you can place in metal tins, glass jars or wooden boxes.

 Flowers by Affair With George

Our favourite version of this decoration style is mixing very vibrant hues such as cherry red, sunflower yellow, bubblegum pink and bright orange with slightly darker shades such as deep purple and splashes of white. Rustic wooden table is the perfect option for this combination of colours and when choosing the type flowers make sure to use either the same variety or a blend of similarly shaped blossoms. Garden roses, peonies, poppies or ranunculas are very appropriate for this look. You can even make a matching bridal bouquet to contrast your white wedding dress and decorate your wedding cake with fresh blooms.

Image by Mink Studio

If you want to keep it simple with only one colour, you can choose between bright red, orange, fuchsia or yellow which will look amazing against white backdrop.

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