Every bride wants to have a very special and unique wedding design which cannot be compared to someone else’s. Since each love story is personal and incomparable, every wedding must be one-of-a-kind event. From table decorations to pretty DIY details such as hand-made favour boxes and rubber stamps, there are many details that can help you create a wedding design which reflects your own style. 

A personalised stamp is a simple and chic way to add a special touch to the overall design of your wedding. You can use it on everything from wedding invitations and favour boxes to coasters. It can be a simple monogram stamp, but you can also draw inspiration from your wedding theme.

If you need some inspiration and a piece of advice, read our DIY tips for using a personalised stamp:

Choosing the Design 
Floral prints are a great source of inspiration for weddings and if you want a garden themed reception, choosing a floral stamp is a good idea. Weddingstar's Burlap Chic Floral Rubber Stamp will look cute on stationery and favour boxes, but you can also use it for your original DIY décor. If you are inspired by woodlands and wild nature you can use Woodland Pretty Personalised Monogram Antler Rubber Stamp, and if you are passionate about travelling and adventures you will love Weddingstar's Wanderlust Personalised Rubber Stamp.

Start with a Card 
It is always a good idea to introduce your wedding theme early so that the guests can get a preview of how will your big day look like. Once you decide on the theme you can start by using your personalised stamp on save-the-date cards and wedding invitations. You can either stamp the card or the envelope. 

Final Touch 
At the end of your wedding day, the guests will be happy to leave the reception with a small gift which will remind them of you. To make a nice gesture and say thank you in a special way and decorate their favour boxes with a Burlap Chic Thank You Personalised Rubber Stamp. It will look very pretty on small DIY bags which you can fill with some tasty edible favours, but you can apply this look on different kinds of packaging. You can also use a one single monogram or a floral stamp for all purposes including stamping the favour boxes, but saying “thank you” on your gift is a very nice way to show appreciation.

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