Choosing wedding props and accessories yourself rather than letting someone else do it for you is fun and exciting. However, when it comes to online shopping, one can easily get lost in the sea of pretty things. It is very important to make a coherent selection and one of the best strategies is to shop by colour. gives you the opportunity to choose whether you want to shop by category or by colour. It is a very convenient option since you can pick one colour and browse all available items in the very same shade. For example, if you are looking for pink glasses, it will save you the trouble of going through all types of glasses and checking which ones are available in pink. By clicking the ‘Change Colour’ button you can easily switch from one colour to another.

Shopping by colour is very practical and time saving, but if you are not sure which colour to go for, perhaps you can start by choosing “something blue”. Sometimes you just don’t have a clue what do you want to buy but one small detail that you fall in love with can turn into an inspiration for the entire wedding. “Something Blue” Silver Plated Toasting Set is one such item. Toasting set of two elegant flute glasses is a very important item and it has a symbolic value. The design is simply gorgeous and you can easily customise the set by engraving your names. You can definitely work out the whole theme out of this single item because silver and blue is always a winner.

If you continue browsing blue items at, you will find many pretty things in the matching style such as the cake serving set from the same collection, but also tiny details such as confetti and candle holders. Since lighting influences the atmosphere at the venue, it is a good idea to choose romantic blue candle holders, but you can also include table decorations in the same shade. Decorating Glass Bottle Set in blue will look very pretty, especially with colourful flowers in them.

Since every bride needs “something blue” for her outfit, you can accessorize the wedding dress with a cool detail like the Paper Parasol With Bamboo Boning. Even if the weather is not sunny, this can be a beautiful prop for wedding photos.
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