Image by The Evoke Company, Cake by Alison Lawson Cakes

A naked wedding cake is one of the hottest trends this year so forget about the perfecting frosting and delight your guests with scrumptious layers of chocolate sponge and butter cream! Naked cakes look even tastier because you can see every delicious layer, and if you are worried that it won’t look glamorous remember that less is more so a bit of icing sugar and a few lush blooms scattered across tiers is just enough.

Our personal favourite is a chic three-tiered cake with brown and white layers of chocolate sponge and butter cream which we used in our 2014 styling shoots for The Bride’s Diary®. To finish sprinkle it with icing sugar, use soft pink and white flowers for decorations and present it on a glamorous glass cake stand!

With its natural look and distinctive rustic feel, homemade naked cake is just ideal for intimate weddings and vintage themed receptions. You can decorate it with fresh berries, garden roses or even wildflowers. This delicious cake is an exquisite choice for breakfast or brunch receptions and if you make a fresh fruit filling it will be ideal for summer weddings. However, if you are planning a beach wedding, citrus flavoured naked cake adorned with orange and yellow flowers is going to be very refreshing.

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