Image by Red Berry Photography

Single tiered wedding cakes have became very fashionable because they offer plenty of opportunities for flamboyant decorations. With DIY details and fun cake toppers, you can make your wedding cake very personal and choose any flavour you like. Just place it on a gorgeous cake stand and it will look as impressive as the classical multi-tiered wedding cake. 

Image by Red Berry Photography

You can delight your guests with a wonderful cake buffet and serve a range of single tiered cakes with different flavours from mouth-watering choc mud to a classical fruit cake, but also add some cake pops, macarons and cupcakes to make the table look even more decadent. 

Cake by Sugar & Spice Cakes

Naked wedding cake adorned with iced sugar and fresh berries is the perfect choice for and intimate rustic themed reception, while plain white one topped with pink flowers is ideal for romantic vintage inspired weddings.

If you want to serve your guests a truly modern wedding cake, think outside the box and opt for geometric shapes, minimalistic design and vivid colours. Ombre style is hugely popular and if you like the idea you can make a red velvet cake by using different shades of pink or simply pick any flavour and decorate the cake with ombre icing.

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