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Since summer is the most popular season for weddings, the best time for bridal showers is spring. The weather is perfect for outdoor events so you can organize a cute little party in your garden. Choosing treats and decorations for bridal showers is always a fun job because it can be as romantic and girly as you wish. You can even have cakes shaped like wedding dresses and cupcakes with edible wedding rings on top of them. If you are wondering which treats to choose and how to decorate them, here are some interesting ideas: 

Of all the sweet treats, cookies are the easiest to make and decorate. You can cut them in different shapes such as teacups or hearts to suit the theme of your bridal shower. You can also make shortbread cookies instead of traditional ones, and they will go especially well if you are having a tea party. Serving traditional home-made cookies in labelled jars is an original and stylish idea, and you can also make cookie favours for your guests and wrap them in a pretty packaging. 

It is hard to imagine a bridal shower party without cupcakes because they are so pretty. They are also very tasty and easy to make, and you can style them in many different ways to suit any bridal shower theme. With a bit of food colouring and a zip-lock plastic bag you can make fantastic DIY decorations, but you can also order cupcakes from your favourite cake shop. 

Imagine a tower made from delicious miniature donuts with pink icing! If you want to serve your guests something a little bit different, donuts are a fantastic idea. You can make them with different toppings or stick to one single colour to match the theme you have chosen for your bridal shower. 

Cake pops are a very chic addition to your high-tea sweet menu. They are very decorative and always look great on the table. Serving brownie cake pops dipped in white chocolate and decorated with heart-shaped sprinkles is an original idea, but you can also serve proper brownies cut in various shapes. No one can resist scrumptious brownies and they can be decorated to suit the theme. 

Finally, macaroons are ideal for this occasion and they make a fabulous favour too. You can choose among different flavours, but they will also look great if you mix different colours together.
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