1. Natural Beauty 
The natural look is very popular this season and it is just ideal for relaxed summer weddings when you don’t want to wear heavy make-up. From no make-up raw beauty to delicate nature-inspired shades, many fashion designers opted for this beauty trend and it can definitely be used as an inspiration for weddings. Valentino’s gorgeous nude make-up will look wonderful with neatly combed hair parted on the side and gathered at the back. It is perfectly elegant and innocent so you can wear it with a traditional wedding gown. To make this style work it is essential to use a good primer together, powerful concealer and a luminous foundation. Add a tiny bit of blush a layer of mascara, accent your eyebrows and use light lip gloss to make your lips look slightly shimmery and very sensual.

2. Pop of Pink 
Pink is the trendiest colour of the season and you can use lovely soft pastel shades as seen at Burberry Prorsum show. This make-up style is very romantic and yet seems so simple and effortless. It will look amazing on a blushing bride and is perfect for spring or summer weddings. All you need to create this look is a good foundation, sheer eyeshadow in rose pink shade, natural looking pink lip colour, a drop of light mascara and a bit of pink blush on your cheekbones.

3. Romantic Look 
Dolce & Gabbana spring/summer show is very inspirational for brides-to-be with its slightly sun kissed angelic make-up look. It looks gorgeous with hair tied in a bun and decorated with a colourful wreath made from fresh flowers. This make-up style was inspired by Greek theatre and you can recreate it by using luminous foundation and concealer, gold eyeshadow, black eyeliner, a mix of pink and apricot blush and juicy pink lipstick. 

4. Something Blue 
To add “something blue” to your wedding look, you can use blue eyeshadow as seen at Marc by Marc Jacobs show. Wearing vibrant shades might sound a bit daring for such occasion, but it is definitely a great way to add a modern touch to your wedding styling. Combine bold eyeshadow with light matte pink lipstick and a bit of mascara to make it really work well. This make-up style will look perfect with a relaxed down-do and a simple white dress accessorised with fun details.

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