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For many couples, one of the most important elements of their wedding day is their photography. And that makes finding the right photographer critical. A good photographer should understand your theme, and celebrate your style with images that create memories to last a lifetime.

So how to begin? First, give careful consideration to the type of photography that you prefer. Start by browsing through the pages of The Bride's Diary® and other wedding magazines and websites and you’ll find a wide range of photographic styles and elements: contemporary, urban, photojournalistic, artistic, black and white, colour, sepia and so on.

Next, consider whether the work of the photographer you are considering is of a style appropriate for your wedding day theme. For example, if you have opted for a casual, party celebration, then a photographer who specialises in photojournalism and captures the day’s events as they unfold might be perfect. 

Alternatively, if your theme is chic, contemporary urban, a photographer whose portfolio consists largely of soft, romantic shots is probably not the right choice for your wedding day. Of course, that’s not to say that you can’t have a combination of styles, but make sure the photographer you choose can show you a portfolio that covers all options.

Whether you have your photographer with you for the entire day or just a portion of it is up to you. However, ensuring that you are having a full range of images, including all those wonderful detail and style shots, is by far the best option.

Be sure to discuss all the details of your wedding coverage with your photographer, including the supply of albums and prints after the day. Again, your theme should be a factor in your decision as to how your photos are printed (e.g. all colour, all black and white or a mix of both) and in your selection of one of the many different styles of album that are now available.

Words by Amanda McWhinnie.
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