A Woodland themed wedding reception is going to be one of the biggest trends in wedding design in 2014, and it is one of Weddingstar’s favourites. The main inspiration for this theme is wild nature and its inhabitants, so the design features a lot of beautiful wooden details, animal motifs and, of course, flowers. Colour-wise, the palette can include different shades of green, sand, brown and white, but if you want to add a sophisticated feminine touch, you can add a hint of pink, orange or red blended in with soft colours of nature. 

From the bride’s bouquet and gown to the table decorations, woodland is a very inspirational theme. However, you should be careful not to be too extravagant and flamboyant. The design should be simple and sophisticated mimicking beautiful organic forms in nature. When it comes to decorations, the idea is to focus on quality rather than quantity. Choose wisely and decorate strategically, instead of just flooding the space with ornaments.

Decorative Artificial Moss Chandelier Wedding Decoration   Large

You can find many gorgeous wedding decorations inspired by woodland theme at Weddingstar.com.au and if you want to add a bit of bright green to the venue, Decorative Artificial Moss Chandelier is an excellent choice. Made from fibreboard, it is very lightweight and comes in different sizes. It is perfect for decorating trees in the garden, but it will also look pretty indoors.

Miniature Sitting Birds in White Ceramic

Ceramic decorations will look great on tables, especially if you combine them with rustic wooden pieces and flower arrangements. Miniature Sitting Birds in White Ceramic will match the woodland theme perfectly, even though they will be a great addition to any wedding decor. They come in packages of 8 pieces and you can scatter them around the table in pairs or even pack them in favour bags.

White Glass Bottle Décor Set

White Glass Bottle Decor Set is ideal for decorating tables and it matches ceramic birds wonderfully. They can be the perfect final touch for your woodland theme and you can fill them with thin branches and wild flowers. For bigger flower arrangements you can make bird’s nests, but the bottles will still look very stylish next to them.

Woodland Pretty Personalized Monogram Antler Rubber Stamp

Finally, to make sure that each detail of your wedding goes well with the theme, you can purchase Woodland Pretty Personalised Monogram Antler Rubber Stamp. It is great for designing small things such as cork coasters, stickers, favour bags, save-the-date cards and wedding invitations.

You can see all the gorgeous woodland themed products at Weddingstar.
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