Organising a wedding can be stressful but also fun, especially if the work is split between everyone involved in the wedding preparations. A bride-to-be's first task is to announce the wedding and then organise an engagement party. It can be anything from a formal cocktail party at a hotel ballroom to a relaxed barbecue at home. Ideally it should be held about three months after the engagement is announced. If you have only six months until the wedding, then the party should be organised within one month. 

Most of the bride’s tasks are exciting. She will arrange the wedding invitations, floral arrangements and all the decorations. The groom should organise the transport for himself and the bride after the reception, arrange the honeymoon and organise the payment of church fees and wedding venue fees. 

The groom should help his bride-to-be in her preparations, however there is also a list of things that the bride and groom should do together. This includes choosing the date and time of the wedding, the reception venue and the theme for the wedding, choosing the wedding rings, finalising the guest list and making a seating plan.

While the main tasks for bride’s mother are to assist the bride, arrange post wedding invitations and organise the accommodation for out-of-town guests, the bride's mother is also the one who informs all the relevant people of their duties.

The matron of honour has a long list of responsibilities and among other things, she must help the bride and her mother, ensure children are safe, take care of the bride’s gown and organise transport for gifts after the reception. Traditionally, she should help the bride to dress, precede her to the venue and stand left behind her.

The best man also has an extensive list of duties from assisting the groom and organising the buck’s party to taking care of the chief bridesmaid at the reception. He should also help with anything that needs to be done after the reception.

The bride’s father’s main role is to accompany his daughter to the ceremony and escort her down the aisle to the groom, but he should also make sure that all the gifts are stored safely and ensure that the guests are comfortable.

Bridesmaids and groomsmen should assist both the bride and groom and their families and help organise junior attendants. While bridesmaids are reading out good wish messages, groomsmen are to look after the bridesmaid they have been partnered with. 

For further information please refer to our wedding planner in the back of each edition of The Bride's Diary®. 
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