Choosing flowers for your wedding is an exhilarating experience of wandering through beautiful colours and fragrances gathered in stunning bouquets and floral arrangements. From romantic English roses and elegant tulips to bright coloured dahlias and funky celosias, we have created a list of 10 beautiful wedding flowers to help you decide which ones to use for your bouquet, centrepieces and boutonniere.

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Lavish ranunculus with a rich, multi-petaled blossom are a wonderful alternative to roses and peonies. Symbolically, ranunculus say “I am dazzled by your charms” and are therefore ideal for weddings.

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Bright-coloured, strong scented peonies look stunning both in wedding bouquets and as a part of table decorations because of their beautiful big blossom. According to Victorian language of flowers, peony symbolises shyness and modesty. 

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David Austin Roses 
Available in many different colours, David Auston roses are the most romantic and traditional choice for a wedding. There are many different types and some of them are heavily scented with various fragrances such as fruit, myrrh and rose tea. 

Since it symbolises “consuming love” and “happy years,” the tulip is a perfect choice for wedding decorations. It comes in different colours and there are three main types: plain Dutch tulips, parrot tulips with ruffled petals in vibrant hues and French tulips with long stems and large blooms

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Lisianthus are another great alternative to roses with its lush blooms in pinks, reds, yellows, and purples. The resemblance to roses is incredible and yet this flower is much more resilient. Flower arrangements made from lisianthus can last up to few weeks.

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With their large blooms and rich, beautiful texture, Dahlias will look very effective in wedding bouquets. Since these flowers are also very big and decorative, you can also use them to adorn your wedding venue.

With their big, vibrant petals and flexible stems, poppies are great for colourful table decorations but you can also use them to make a flamboyant wedding bouquet. Since they are very short lived, it is best to keep them in water. 

If you are looking for colourful spring flowers for your wedding, anemones are the best choice. They are among the most popular wedding flowers, but since they are fairly small, it is best to use them in smaller arrangements and bouquets. 

With rich texture and fun bright colours such as orange, red, yellow and fuchsia, as well as pretty ombre shades, Zinnias look very cheerful. They are best in Summer, Autumn and Spring, so they are perfect for weddings. 

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With its curvy, ruffled blossom, celosia is a funky flower that comes in a variety of colours and can be easily combined with traditional blooms. They look best when mixed with other flowers in bouquets or centerpieces. Their season is between May and November and they come in different vibrant hues such as hot pink, red, purple and bright orange.

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