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From serving donuts on a cake stand to a refreshing ice cream cake, your guests will love to taste something a little different from a traditional wedding cake. Think outside the box and get inspired with these 12 delicious wedding cake alternatives: 

1. A waffle cake with berries and cream is the perfect wedding cake for a spring time wedding and it is best to serve it at brunch time accompanied with maple syrup and ice cream!

2. Your guests will simply adore your layered pancake cake alternative! Who doesn’t like pancakes? You can fill it with anything from chocolate or maple syrup to fresh berries and decorate it with a pretty cake topper. 

3. A layered meringue cake is a great DIY idea. You can make this French rustic cake yourself easily as all you need is egg whites, cream, sugar and berries for decoration. 

4. If you want to surprise your guests with something luxurious and truly unique, why not make a cake from delicious cheeses! You can decorate this spectacular cheese cake with flowers and fresh fruit and serve it with wine. 

5. A yummy donut cake is a wonderful, relaxed alternative to a classic multi-tiered wedding cake. Everybody loves donuts and you can serve many different flavours and colours on pretty cake stand. 

6. If you want to make a biscuity Hansel and Gretel style wedding cake, you won’t make a mistake with a gingerbread cake which looks beautiful and tastes divine! 

7. Cake pops are very colourful and decorative, but also easy to make. Who needs a real cake if you have these gorgeous cake balls dipped in chocolate? 

8. Serving a cannoli cake on a huge cupcake stand instead of an ordinary wedding cake is a brilliant idea for fans of this delicious Italian dessert. 

9. Since colourful French macaroons are very fashionable and elegant, macaroon tower is one of the most popular wedding cake alternatives. 

10. If you want to serve a refreshing dessert for the summer, you can opt for an ice cream wedding cake or even make a whole ice cream bar self-service for your guests. 

11. Lattice pie cake can be a cheaper but delightful alternative to a traditional cake. It is just perfect for rustic themed weddings. Buy or make different sizes and stack them on top of each other to create a tiered cake! 

12. A naked cake is a chic choice if you want to stick to the classical cake but serve it bare with tasty filling and pretty decorations.

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