There is nothing more romantic than candle light, which is why they are ideal for wedding receptions. Decorating your venue with candles and tealights is a cheap but sophisticated way to add a sophisticated glow and create a very pleasant atmosphere. They will look nice both indoors and outdoors and you can hang them, arrange them at the centre of the table along with flowers and other d├ęcor, or simply scatter them around and fill the whole space with flickering light. 

We love these great products below from that will help you create a romantic atmosphere at your wedding reception…

Round Pillar Candles will make a fabulous centre-piece that can fit into any wedding theme or colour scheme. They come in four different sizes and you can buy them individually to create arrangement of your choice. They look beautiful in clusters on a metal tray, but you can also place them in individual candle holders and disperse around the table. 

Tea lights can also create romantic atmosphere and depending on what kind of holders you choose for them, you can literally change an entire room or a garden with this tiny detail. Crystal Tealight Holders will look absolutely stunning on a dining table because they reflect light. This is a very glamorous touch and you can even enhance the shining effect by scattering Table Glam Crystals around them. 

To add a bit of sparkly light to your wedding venue you can also choose Blown Glass Miniature Tealight Luminaries. Due to its reversible design you can use this tea light holder in two different ways to create a fun and stylish effect. 

With Miniature Glass Tealight Holder with Wire Hanger you can add even more ambiance. This cute petit holder looks antique and you can either hang it or place it on the table. Its soft pink colour will blend in nicely and fit into any colour scheme. 

If you are looking for a fashionable and decorative tea light holder, you will love our Glass Globe Holder with Reflective Lace Pattern. It looks beautiful and gives just the right amount of glow. You can use it with a Flameless Battery Operated Tealight which flickers like a real candle and the flame lasts for 12 hours.

Bell Shaped Glass Thealight Holder will look great on any table and comes in three different colours. It provides soft, romantic light and you can also use it as a tiny vase.
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