Imagine yourself walking down the aisle in a gorgeous super glamorous wedding gown made from glittery satin, delicate organza, fluttery chiffon or romantic tulle. Choosing the right fabric for your wedding dress is crucial to create the perfect shape. Remember that you don’t just need a pretty dress but also a comfortable one which will flatter your figure and fit you perfectly! 

As one of the shiniest and most luxurious looking fabrics, satin is a very popular wedding gown material. It has a beautiful natural sheen and is perfect for classical wedding dresses because you can create various shapes and structures with it. Best suited for the colder months as it is quite a heavy fabric and it is ideal for very formal indoor wedding. 

Taffeta is similar to satin but it is not as shiny. It is great for floor-length ball gowns and full skirts and you can create wonderful and rich texture with it. 

The most flamboyant wedding gowns are created from several different fabrics and you can use some of the materials for subtle decoration. You can make adorable ribbons from organza, but since it is stiff and holds shape you can also use it for interesting overlays and skirts. 

Soft and lightweight chiffon is ideal for hot summer days. You can either make an entire dress from it or just use it for layering to create that charming princess-like skirt.

Charmeuse is glittery like silk but it is much lighter than satin. This fabric is perfect for body-hugging dresses with delicate embellishments. 

Goeorgette is mate, light-weight and floaty, just like chiffon, so you can use it for fine draping. It is great for hot weather and beach weddings. 

If you are fantasising about a truly romantic traditional wedding gown with a big skirt, you should use tulle to create the wonderful layers. This fabric is also commonly used for veils because it is transparent. 

Finally, lace is elegant, luxurious and glamorous and you can make overlays and fine embellishments with it. It is the best material for stunning vintage wedding gowns, and you can also use it to decorate your veil. You can choose between many different kinds of lace such as Chantilly which is very delicate and lightweight and features beautiful scalloped edges, or flapper style beaded lace which is especially popular this year.
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