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Giving a plant as a bomboniere is a wonderful eco-friendly and inexpensive idea. A potted plant is not just something your guests will eat or throw away; it is a gift which they can plant in their garden, cherish and grow. This gift is very decorative and will look great on the table. To save money on decorations, you can even arrange your wedding favours to make an impressive centre-piece and then your guests can pick them up when the reception is over. 

There are many great DIY ideas on how to wrap and label your plants. You can place them in small terracotta pots, metal tins or even plastic cups which you can then decorate in various ways. Putting your plants in small glass jars is another fantastic idea and you can embellish it with a pretty ribbon with a tag attached to it. If you are wondering which plants to choose as your wedding favours, read which ones we recommend: 

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Succulents are very popular at weddings and you can see them everywhere from centre-pieces to bombonieres. The best thing about them is that they are very durable and easy to maintain, since they don’t need too much water. Succulents are grown as decorative plants because they are pretty and come in many different interesting shapes. 

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Giving away potted herbs is even more practical. Your guests will love this organic gift and it will also add a bit of flavour to your tablescape. You can choose aromatic culinary plants like rosemary, thyme, basil and oregano which are very useful in the kitchen for preparing delicious meals. This is a very affordable and yet clever gift which you can even pluck from your own garden. 

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Ferns are great for centre-pieces and they are also a fair addition to wedding bouquets. They look very delicate and pretty which is why they make a fabulous gift. Use imagination to create a pretty packaging for them. You can make small jute or linen bags and finish off the look with a beautiful bright-coloured band. 

Finally, bonsai tree is one of the most beautiful green gifts you can find. You can pack them in a bright-coloured silk to match your colour scheme and tie with decorative ribbon. Alternatively, you can place it in a pretty ceramic pot and label with a cute paper tag.
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