Including animals in your wedding can make the ceremony just that little bit more fun. Just think of those romantic moments of releasing butterflies and doves, or arriving at the ceremony in a carriage with a horse like a fairytale princess! Imagine these magic moments captured in photographs… Animals can make your big day truly memorable!

Image by O Photography

Involve your Dog in the Celebration
Remember that you want all of your nearest and dearest to attend your wedding so don’t forget to include your dog and choose a wedding venue that allows pets. You can appoint your dog to carry wedding rings or flowers if you think they can perform the task and it is a good idea to make a rehearsal at the venue one day prior to the ceremony. Alternatively, you can simply include your dog as an honoured guest. You can dress them up in a tuxedo or tulle dresses or for something a little more comfortable try a flower wreath or a satin ribbon around their neck.

In a Carriage with Prince Charming
Including a horse in your wedding is incredibly romantic and elegant. It is every girl’s dream to have a fairytale wedding so why not arrive to the ceremony in a beautiful old-fashioned carriage like Cinderella! However, if you decide for a carriage with a horse to be your wedding transportation, have in mind that horses can only ride up to 11 kms so if the distances between your home and the ceremony location are longer you should consider a meeting point and go from there.

The Symbol of Peace, Love & Joy
If you want to include doves in your wedding you can release them at the ceremony, keep them in a beautiful cage before releasing them or even have fantail doves who can be wandering around. Doves suitable for releasing are a beautiful addition to your wedding ceremony and they are in fact white homing pigeons which are trained to go back once they are released.

The Butterfly Effect 
Releasing butterflies at your wedding ceremony is an ideal photographic opportunity and if you are wondering which variety to choose, Monarch are the most common type for weddings because they looks gorgeous in photographs with their bright orange and black marks. You can either release them from a big cage or distribute special boxes to the guests who will let them go at the same time.

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