Nothing makes the atmosphere at weddings more romantic than the soft glow of candles. If you use scented ones, they can even add a nice fragrance to the room.
Tealights are inexpensive and an elegant way to add light to the reception venue. They are very easy to arrange and you don't even need to be an electrician to create the perfect lighting. The most important decision you need to make if you wish to use tea lights is what kind of holders to choose and how to arrange them.

Miniature glass tealight holders with wire hangers in soft pink, available from are just the perfect choice if you are looking for something simple and chic. They come in packages of 6 pieces and you can use them either with regular candles or Flameless battery operated tea lights. They can work well with virtually any theme you have chosen for your wedding. Since they are small and coated in soft pink, they can be mixed with practically any colour and decoration style. 

One of the ways to arrange candles is to place them at the centre of each table. You can group them together in various shapes or even tangle them into floral arrangements to make them look even more impressive. The most important thing is that you put just enough of them to make the atmosphere cozy and romantic. If you add too much light, the effect might be ruined, and if you don't have enough tea lights, they will not be able to create that desired result. The best tip is to try decorating one table and then move around to see how it looks from different angles. 

Another way to arrange candles at the wedding reception is to hang them. This is even more effective because light can be placed in such a way that it affects every corner of the venue. Miniature glass tea light holders with wire hangers are very convenient for this because they can easily be positioned anywhere. You can simply place them on hooks hanging from the ceiling, or even put them on tree branches if the wedding reception is outside. Candles are a great solution for outdoor venues because hanging tea lights looks even more romantic in the garden. 

Even if you are not planning a wedding, these ‘miniature glass tealight holders with wire hanger’ are a fantastic decoration for any special occasion like a birthday party or just a romantic dinner for two.

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