Melbourne designer Anna Campbell welcomes an exciting new look to her boutique label with the release of a breathtakingly beautiful made to measure bridal range inspired by French Romance. The ‘Gossamer Collection’ is the epitome of timeless, classic elegance and is designed to create a beautiful silhouette for the bride seeking to embody both grace and glamour in a custom crafted gown.

The gowns feature more fitted shapes than ever before seen at Anna Campbell, gently tracing the bride’s figure, defining the waist and flattering the female form. Selected gowns also feature a button finish which runs from the small of the back, down to the back of the knee in an impeccable, refined line and offers an alternative to the equally gorgeous and characteristic bow back finish.


Modern flourishes are met with opulent fabrics, vintage touches and the finest lace in this collection, which features the intricate detailing and delicate handcrafted embellishments Anna Campbell’s creations are renowned for.

Anna Campbell’s exclusive fabrics are now also available in a new hue: Bone. This unique colour, which took almost a year to source, creates a gorgeous vintage feel, without losing the gown’s bridal elegance. 

Adorned with exquisite hand sewn embellishments, glittering shoulder detailing, and intricate lace, the new Gossamer Collection seamlessly marries romantic, vintage softness with modern form and fit.

Available exclusively at Anna Campbell’s Melbourne boutiques - Brunswick & Armadale.

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