Tell your wedding story through artistic and timeless photographs with Florent Vidal Photojournalist. Offering reportage-style photography, Florent will cover your wedding day without counting the hours; from the preparation of the bride and groom, to the end of the reception. Fully immersing himself in the day, Florent aims to bring out creative angles that are as individual as your wedding. 

Florent Vidal is regularly awarded by the international Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) and Brides Magazine New York for his excellence.

Florent himself has shared a 'favourite wedding' experience with The Bride's Diary…

"It’s hard to pick just one ‘favourite’ wedding. There are weddings that you remember because of the location. Last year, I had the opportunity to travel to France, Malaysia and Tasmania. Then there are those that you remember because of the theme. The ‘medieval’ wedding that I covered a while back still stands out in my mind. Another time, it was two sisters getting married on the same day!

Cultural weddings are also amazing. Last year, I had the chance to shoot an Indian wedding that went on for three days! One of the most ‘original’ was probably a Chinese bride marrying a Jewish groom. We had a Chuppah ceremony followed by a Tea Ceremony! 

Today, I’ve decided to select a more ‘classic’ wedding – the Sydney wedding of Sian and Daniel. On their day all they wanted to do was to have fun and enjoy their time. It was clear that, for them, a wedding is not only about the theme, flowers and decorations, but about two people who are in love and making a lifetime commitment."

"They trusted me completely and allowed me to cover their wedding freely. As a result, what we have are images that tell the story of their wedding day as it unfolds.

Images that carry strong feelings and emotion. The real value of the image is not in today, but in the feelings it stirs in you when you look at it in the future. A photo should transcend the years and get stronger with age. A strong image is, quite simply, eternal." - Florent Vidal

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