Share your special day as it happens with beautiful new photo album app, Picster!

Easily share your big day with friends and family through a sophisticated online album using the Picster app. Available now for free download from iTunes and compatible for both iPad and iPhone, Picster allows you to tell a story with your images using chic album layouts. Pictures are bundled together on beautiful pages with captions to help tell the story behind your special day.

The professional-looking digital photo albums created through Picster are able to be shared instantly through social media or via email links to a webview site, making them the perfect way to share your memories with those closest to you. Create tailor made albums in a few minutes from your photo library and organise all photos into albums of your hen’s night, buck’s night, wedding, honeymoon and more. Albums are able to be shared immediately, meaning friends around the world who were unable to attend your wedding can see shots from the day in real-time. No more waiting weeks or months for photos!

Share options for your Picster album include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or an email link to anyone who has a computer or mobile device – there is no need for the recipient of the links to have the Picster app to view the albums.

“The streamline, designer feel of Picster is what sets it apart from other photo-sharing apps. It’s fun and has an automation feature that creates the whole album for you, as well as other features to give you creative control,” says founder Anthony McGovern.

Picster isn’t a photo-taking app – it allows you to collate images from your iPhone or iPad into professional-looking albums, add captions and enhance the photos. Once completed, you can instantly share your album through your existing social media platforms and show the world your style.”

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