Have you ever wanted to get behind the bar and shake up a cocktail or two? Imagine all your girlfriends fusing, muddling, mixing and tasting Li’l Darlins’ famous cocktails!

Your girls are involved in the creation of five classic cocktails: 

Old Fashioned
Amaretto Sour

The bartender will give you an overview of the history, ingredients and the creation process of each cocktail in detail.

Every guest will choose one cocktail to make and the bartender will supervise carefully, guiding each person through the mixology.

Cocktail Class - $59 per person
Includes three cocktails per person to drink

Li’l Darlins’ trademarked bars are popping up all around Sydney with more are yet to come. Li'l Darlin' provides reassurance that wherever you host your event you’ll experience the same friendly service and amazing food in a fashionable atmosphere.

Their menu is designed to suit any event and can be served individually, as shared platters or canapé style. Their selection ranges from grilled chilli prawns and lamb backstrap to crispy peaking duck pizza and classic cheeseburgers.

Visit Li'l Darlin'.

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