Ben Albrecht, the youngest member of Melbourne fine jewellery retail institution, Kozminsky, has grown up around beautiful things. Ben’s knowledge, passion and instinct for a fine jewel is perhaps a family trait, but Ben has taken this a step further as he has since perfectly positioned himself to take advantage of the revolution in the retail, as he has launched his new business, Ben Albrecht Jewellery, online.

Ben Albrecht Jewellery puts the customer in the centre of the retail process, the customer does not come to Ben, Ben goes to the customer. A simple, but revolutionary model for the highly traditional and conservative fine jewellery business as Ben Albrecht has observed that many people are price checking online, even with expensive items such as diamonds.

The Ben Albrecht Jewellery consultation process is centered on the request of the client. Often very discerning, Ben’s clients will request a specific carat or clarity in a diamond or gemstone. Ben will go to great lengths to source beautiful, clear gems and will work collaboratively with the client in designing exceptional, yet individual pieces of jewellery.

Ben brings to the table several generations of ‘Albrecht’ contacts, and this knowledge all underpinned by a solid bedrock of trust and accountability, which is something not always accessible through the Internet.

Ben Albrecht Jewellery also offers a collection of sublime jewels, gems and precious adornments which can be bought online. From important pearl strand necklaces, to singular standout diamond rings and idiosyncratic cuff links for the debonair millionaire, Ben Albrecht Jewellery is bringing a bespoke version of Melbourne retail finesse to the front door.

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