A wedding day all in music with Ting on the violin, and James, the guitar!

Both Ting and James are musicians, and part of their wedding shoot was done at the Conservatorium of Music in Sydney, which is such a unique yet fitting location for this musically-gifted couple. 

Ting and James' wedding ceremony took place at St Philip’s Anglican Church, one of Australia’s oldest churches. And of course, the Opera House backdrop carries much more significance for Ting and James.

These stunning images were taken by Florent Vidal, Ting and James' chosen photographer.

Ceremony: St Philip’s Anglican Church, The Rocks.
Reception and Tea Ceremony: The Terrasse Room, L’Aqua, Darling Harbour
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Florent Vidal believes the most important aspect of his craft is to give his clients photographs that mean something, "To me it is not only about producing beautiful photos; of course, that goes without saying. But importantly, I want to give my clients photographs that have meaning. I would like my clients to look at them years from now and still remember something specific about the wedding day."

The most telling photographs are those that are unplanned and happen in an authentic way. Quietly, he captures the day and is very careful in preserving the ambience of each moment.

Florent always strives to bring out creative angles from every wedding. His perspective is seen through unique angles that express the way he sees the story unfolds. Florent photographs have the ability to make you feel, and reconnect you to the wedding day.

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