Diamond Trader and Gemologist, Garry Holloway, is both passionate and well informed on the topic of diamonds and he believes that most diamonds are cut to make ‘magic carat’ weight requirements and are not cut for maximum sparkle, scintillation or fire.

Holloway urges us to look beyond the magic 1-carat and 2-carat diamonds as he believes that international diamond grading methods reward clumsily cut stones that achieve those ‘magic weights’. As a result, he considers many consumers to be duped into buying a poor quality product.

With diamond colour grading, 10 diamonds with the same colour grade can all have different whiteness or yellow tints when set in a ring, this is because of variations in cut quality, cut shape, size and fluorescence. Holloway recommends comparing diamonds side by side in different lighting before you purchase.

Contrary to popular opinion, carat weight is not directly linked to diamond size, yet people think weight equals size. Importantly there can be -20% to +10% size variation of weight in a diamond. Garry Holloway always selects an ‘ideal cut’ diamond where the weight is perfectly distributed for a more beautiful diamond that reflects more light.

In conclusion, Holloway urges anyone considering buying a diamond, to do their research, find a reputable diamond dealer and compare many, many diamonds, before alighting on the correct diamond at the correct price.

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