Parisian Rose is a wedding tea of distinction and elegance. As the embodiment of new love, the subtly blended, luxury loose leaf tea offers a unique, delicate taste and a lasting aroma to remind us of the sweetness of love and the blessings of a lifetime of devotion, happiness and pleasure. 

Borne from symbolic, cultural traditions, Parisian Rose represents unity, togetherness and the bloom of new love through its sweet, fragrant black tea infused with rose buds. It is the perfect accompaniment for the engagement party, bridal shower, kitchen tea and of course the wedding day, to share or as wedding favours or bomboniere for guests - a tradition stemming from European aristocrats. 

Parisian Rose wedding favour tins, filled with Parisian Rose luxury, loose leaf tea, can be personalised with the names of the bride and groom and a message to their guests. Full size Parisian Rose Wedding Tea tins from The Seventh Duchess Classic Range are available as gifts or to share at the engagement party, bridal shower, kitchen tea and on the wedding day.

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