Martha Stewart has given us the 7 insider tricks for creating amazing flowers for your wedding.  From reception flowers to your bouquet, your blooms will be a stand out feature on your big day!

Carry a Major Bouquet  
Your bouquet is the first part of your ensemble guests will see as you arrive to your ceremony, so it should be nothing short of jaw-dropping. Pick a favorite color, then load up on seasonal flowers in different varieties to add greater appeal. Here red, roses, lilies, amaryllis, anemones, ranunculus, and dahlias make a huge impact against the white of the gown.

Simplify Your Centrepieces 
Choose a captivating but affordable bloom from your bouquet, then cluster the stems in various size vases across the tables. Remember less is more.

Accent with Foliage 
Mixed greens offer lushness and volume to your bouquet and provide amazing contrast against any colour flower.

Go to Great Heights 
Certain types of flowers will bring loads of drama to your reception tables. Send your flowers skyward, by using tall vessels that taper at eye level and keep the bulk of the arrangements well above guests’ sight line.

Play with Shape 
Bouquets can take on many forms; tightly packed bouquets are to be held upright, while others will tumble to straight down. This jasmine, roses, camellia leaves, and snowberries bouquet form a loose cascade spilling down your dress.

Awe with Ombre 
There’s nothing more romantic than walking aisle of rose petals. You will be able to get rose petals in every colour to match your colour scheme or why not have four to five shades.

Bring Your Look to Life 
Why not create a stunning hair accessory with the same flower as in your bouquet? Not only will it look stunning and last the whole day, the fragrance from the flower will be simply divine!

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