BHLDN's décor collection carries everything you need to decorate your wedding, from table numbers to candle holders, they have it all. We picked a few of our faves to share with you, but be sure to pop over and see the whole collection.


These Trained Vine Candleholder with their thin leafy branches trace clean bisque numbers, which guide your guests to their tables and provide their lighting once they’ve arrived.

The Urchin Shell Vase has an impression of an intricate doily on the sides. Place them on your guests tables filled with beautiful fresh flowers that match the colour and theme of your reception.

Gorgeously carved with ribbons and festoons, pale mango wood frames, the Festive Garland Chalkboard is a space in which to announce the contents of your feast, or to guide family and friends hither and thither. 

Tie a bow around each of these vintage Proprietor’s Keys and use them as placeholders, favours or use them alongside flowers in the centre-piece of each table. 

The Glittered Notion Banner on ivory ribbon, features B-R-I-D-E and G-R-O-O-M – perfect for stringing along the backs of his and her chairs, or on the walls behind them.

Scribble to’s and from’s onto these playing card-sized Chalkboard Hangtags

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