Add glamour to your wedding day with glowing accent pieces from PartyLite. Global party-plan distributor of signature homeware accessories and candles, PartyLite, is pleased to announce the launch of its Everyday 2011 Vol.2 seasonal catalogue.

With its focus on innovation and fine fragrance for special events, PartyLite opens its collection of new pieces in this catalogue with the GloLite Pillar Candle Collection. These unique artisan pillars burn only on the inside, leaving a glowing full-length candle – a romantic touch perfect for any wedding table! The collection comes in Calm Waters, Sea Salt and Driftwood, and Iced Snowberries fragrances ($64.50 for set of 3). 

These fragrant candles will create an intimate mood and ambiance and there are few better ways to add glamour than with modern metallic accent pieces. PartyLite has combined the two in its new Reflective Tealight Cylinders ($89.95 set of 3). Metallic finishes and clean lines on a reflective chrome base lend serious sophistication to the table, and make these cylinders perfect for that stunning centre-piece.  
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