Highly celebrated Australian jewellery designer, Nicola Cerrone, is pleased to unveil a magnificent new pink diamond ring under the Cerrone Pink Diamond Collection.
Handcrafted by Cerrone Jewellers in 18 carat white gold, the ring features an astonishing 1.65 carat emerald cut diamond which dazzles an intense purplish pink colour. This centre stone is complemented with pink baguette and white asscher cut shoulder diamonds. The total diamond weight of the ring is 3.69 carats and retails at over $1 million Australian dollars.
With supply of pink diamonds currently predicted to finish within the next decade by Rio Tinto, the extreme rarity and exclusivity of these earthly treasures has enhanced their image as both as a tangible investment option and a must-have. 

Pink diamonds are 20 times more valuable than its white equivalent and therefore have a unique niche value which delivers a distinct level of luxury and beauty. Of the 20 million carats of rough diamonds which Rio Tinto’s Argyle Diamond Mine currently produces annually, less than 0.01% is pink. “We consider this latest addition as the ‘hero’ ring in our Pink Diamond Collection” says Nicola Cerrone, Managing Director. 

As an Argyle Pink Diamond Select Atelier, Cerrone Jewellers continues to cater to the exquisite and exclusive taste of clients as demand for pink diamonds has attracted a coterie of elite and discreet buyers including royalty, heads of state and celebrities.
This breathtaking piece and the entire Cerrone Pink Diamond Collection are currently available at the Cerrone Castlereagh Street store.

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