Vera Wang is one of our favourite designers. Her gowns are romantic, whimsical and high fashion, while still remaining timeless and elegant. On Vera Wang's blog, Vera Unveiled, she often discusses the design concept through to the making of the gown. We love hearing the process that couturiers go through when creating a wedding dress. Read on for a snapshot into this process, as Vera Wang discusses the making of her Gracie gown.

"A sense of motion and a feeling of fluidity are two things that I always try to impart in my wedding dresses, and nowhere are these more present than in.

For Gracie, I wanted the feeling to be whimsical, langorous and organic, so it was important for it to have a very soft structure—even the cap sleeves are barely-there, created from just a whisper of beautifully transparent French tulle draped across the shoulders. It’s just enough to emphasize the sweetheart neckline of the bodice, which is also draped asymmetrically with the tulle.

The skirt, too, has a relaxed asymmetry to it, in the smocking and seaming of the tulle. The frothy volume in Gracie is so effortless and diaphanous: the deliberately and strategically placed seams make this the kind of volume that flatters, that’s never frumpy. It’s always about that langorousness. And I’ve taken it right down to the bottom of the hem: it’s bubbled, so the hem captures more air and gives that graceful swan-like, foamy effect.

Gracie is so soft and so ethereal, you might feel like all you want to do is just lay down in it, and I love the way it calls to you almost like a very, very soft pillow. It’s been a long day, after all!

Everything about Gracie is done with the softest touch. It appears as light as a feather, and it’s the perfect gown for a bride who wants something very natural, and yet very ethereal, as if it’s not quite of this world."

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