Set to be the wedding event of the year, the inaugural Bridal Fashion Week Auckland (BFW) has had confirmation that world renowned iconic bridal fashion designer Ruben Perlotti (Barcelona) will be showing his 2012 bridal collection at Bridal Fashion Week in Auckland, April 2011.

This is an absolute coup for bridal fashionistas across the globe that New Zealand will be one of the first to see his incredible bridal dress collection plus some of his evening dresses.  Perlotti himself is planning to make the trip down-under to over-see his runway shows.

“We couldn’t be more excited that Perlotti has chosen Bridal Fashion week NZ to be the first,” says Gloria Vincent, director BFW.  “It just goes to show that although we’re a small country we can pack a punch when it comes to bridal fashion events,” she continued.

Perlotti has called his 2012 range The Chryselephantine collection which originates from the little chryselephantine statues made of ivory and metal from the beginning of XX century, taking their name from the majestic ones that in ancient Greece decorated the interior of the temples.  From the ancient goddesses to the interwar modern ones, the dancers Josephine Baker and Isadora Duncan were copied over and over again in their extravagant poses. The elegant woman, sensual and a bit proud, has been the inspiration for these beautiful pieces of art. Chryselephantine is inspired in the exoticism, charm and volatility of that golden age. (Please see attached for more information.)

The legendary Cymbeline sisters of Paris will also be showcasing their 2011 collection (Femmes) and BFW will be a finale for their much acclaimed bridal range. They are also hoping to show some of their 2012 collection. Their motto, “Who better than a woman to understand another woman’s dreams,” is a sentence that has become Cymbeline’s statement and embodies their 2011 collection more than ever.  Their 2011 collection pays tribute to woman in their beauty and diversity - a modern and contemporary vision of today’s woman. (Please see attached for more information).

Brides are increasingly looking at fashion runway shows for a source of inspiration and this has become a contributing factor as to why so many fashion designers are  now moving into the bridal fashion industry. BFW in its first year has already attracted the best and very talented NZ bridal designers such as Liz Mitchell, Robyn Cliffe, John Zimmerman, Rosemary Smith, Vinka Design, Rositta Chong, Shika, Alison Blain, Yvonne Bennetti, Annie Bonza, Jane Yeh, Sera Lilly and Exclusive Suit Hire. They will all be showcasing their latest bridal season collections in a variety of fashion runway shows over five days. Amanda Bransgrove of Monarch Models and Catwalk Studios, synonymous with high fashion and prestige fashion events will be choreographing all the catwalk shows.  A former top model with NYC Ford Model agency, her career spans 24 years.

Bridal Fashion Week Auckland will run from the 1st through to 5th April 2011 at the stunning upper deck venue, The Dome, of the Auckland Museum at the Domain. Beginning with a gala evening of glamour and entertainment including New Zealand Bridal Couture, Designer Catwalk, Young Designer, Pasifika Bridal Designs, Bridal Wearable Art, Bridal Body Painting and a finale with New Zealand’s Bride of the Year judged by BFW’s top tier designers and sponsors.  The week will end with a Best of the Best party with local celebrities modelling the designers’ most inspired gowns.

“There are 20,000 weddings in N.Z. annually and 8000 alone in Auckland, so it’s no wonder so many industry icons want to be involved in this event,” says Gloria.

“Nothing like this has been done before in New Zealand,” Gloria continued, “We want to create something magical and incredible to show off the amazingly talented bridal designers that we have in New Zealand.  It’s about time we showed the rest of the world what we’re made of.” 

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