Highly celebrated Australian Jewellery Designer, Nicola Cerrone, is pleased to present Cerrone’s 2011 Collection, showcasing four collections; Passione, Aria, Carmela Cerrone Collection and Uomo.
“The collections featured in Cerrone’s 2011 brochure are an eclectic blend of my passion for timeless sophistication and modern elegance. The inspiration for each piece derives from my travels through Europe as well as my appreciation of the beautiful Australian landscape.” Nicola Cerrone

The Passione Collection presents a range of fine jewellery, featuring coloured diamonds, including; white, yellows and pinks. ThePink Diamonds Ring collection is an exclusive range, as Cerrone is a Select Atelier of Argyle Pink Diamonds.
Stand out pieces in the Passione Collection include a 9 carat Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring surrounded by 24 Yellow Diamonds and the stunning Paraiba Earrings, significant due to the rarity of the Paraiba stone. The unique vivid turquoise colouring of a Paraiba Tourmaline has an almost electric tone even in very low light. This extremely rare and precious variety of Tourmaline was not discovered until the late 1980s and is derived from the Mina Da Batalha mine in the Federal Brazilian State of Paraiba.

The Aria Collection showcases a stunning array of semi-precious gemstones including; Tanzanite, Topaz, Tourmaline, Melanite and White Diamonds.
As we head towards summer, multi-coloured stone bracelets in both yellow and white gold with Diamonds and Tourmaline, provide the perfect accessory for fresh, balmy evenings.
Weighing 140 carats, the Swiss Blue Topaz Pendant is an impressive expression of innovative design featuring the deep intensity of the Topaz stone.

The Melanite Set embraces a fashion-forward attitude; the necklace, bracelet and earrings are adorned with white diamonds and are both contemporary, yet stylish.
‘The Passione and Aria collections feature handmade pieces incorporating delicate diamonds in white, pink and yellow hues; as well as bold, bright coloured semi-precious stones, such as Swiss blue topaz and tourmaline.’ Nicola Cerrone

An exquisite combination of Baroque pearls and diamonds, together with semi-precious stones, defines the Carmela Cerrone Collection in 2011. The brooch necklaces features Lemon Quartz and Kunzite in a beautiful and unique statement piece.
The Three Fine Pearl Set bracelet is a perfect gift and each strand can be worn individually.
“The Carmela Cerrone Collection, in particular, accentuates the beauty of these semi-precious stones, such as kunzite and lemon quartz by adorning them with diamonds and pearls, creating a spectacular array of colour.” Nicola Cerrone.
The Uomo Collection is designed for the discerning male, maintaining Cerrone’s peerless craftsmanship and innovative style. The standout piece is doubtless the White and Black Diamond Spinner Ring, masculine, timeless and boldly desirable.

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