As bride-to-be Kate Middleton prepares for her special day, she will be maintaining her skincare regime to ensure her complexion is flawless as all eyes will be on her as she walks down the aisle.

Kate's glowing and healthy looking skin is a result of her devotion to Karin Herzog skin care products, which are readily available here in Australia. This cult brand of skin care is a favourite with celebrities, surgeons and the general public alike, thanks to its high quality ingredients, lack of preservatives and quickly visible results.

The Karin Herzog range was developed by Nobel Institute scientist Dr Paul Herzog and is the only product available that has stabilized oxygen and vitamin A within the cream formulation. The products are designed to treat the skin as it is produced rather than attempting to cure problem areas once they reach the surface of the skin. The result is rebalanced and healthy skin production which exudes radiance and vitality – the changes are often visible within just a few weeks.

A truly revolutionary product range, with unparalleled success; Karin Herzog strips away the hype associated with some skincare ranges, and simply delivers results.

Here in Australia the Karin Herzog range is distributed by Vital Skin Care based in WA, and is available in selected beauty salons and by mail order. Delivery in Australia and New Zealand is free of charge and there is also a risk-free 14 day money back guarantee.

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