There are a plethora of options when it comes to an eco-friendly wedding reception. Whether intending to go all out and avoid leaving even the slightest hint of an ecological footprint or to simply do a part in reducing the strain of your event on the environment, options abound for either.

Green Decor

One of the items on the agenda that is likely foremost in the planning is, of course, the decor. But rest easy, if you are renting tables and chairs or simply linens, you're already doing something that will help the environment. Any items that are rented will be reused, and re-using materials is one of the fundamental aspects of environmental support.

Re-use the flowers and decor from the reception, not only will you decrease your waste but you will save money at the same time. If you plan ahead of time to re-use your flowers, it will be much simpler to incorporate them into your reception decor, rather than trying to mesh them together last minute.

Bamboo has become a popular greenery addition in recent years. Because it grows up to a foot and half a day in the spring it is usually ready to harvest about four years after planting, much sooner than trees, making it a more ecologically friendly choice. It is stylish and modern, an ideal component of a centre-piece. (It is also edible and especially tasty when marinated, though that minor detail has little to do with the eye-catching centre-pieces that it will be displayed in.)

Green Favor Boxes

Multitudes of up-cycled and recycled decor options can be found on the market. These often offer the opportunity to add a unique touch to your wedding, as many products of this nature are one-of-a-kind.

Organic food and alcohol is likely the first factor that comes to mind when planning an eco-friendly wedding dinner. While this is an important detail there are also several other points to keep in mind. Buying local fruits and vegetables for the reception dinner supports local farmers. Which in turn reduces transportation and energy costs. Additionally, buying items in bulk, or direct from the source, often reduces packaging waste.

Beautiful place settings are a crucial component if you want elegance to be a part of your look. Choosing china over the ease of disposable dishes not only looks infinitely more classy, but won't contribute added mass to landfills.
Green Favors

Favours are perhaps the easiest detail to plan in a green wedding. The options are practically endless, the only difficulty might be in choosing the one you prefer.

If your guests are like minded, have a tree planted for each of them and give them a certificate letting them know about the tree planted on their behalf. If you would like to encourage your guests to take part then provide them with a small token to help them get started!

If an ecologically friendly wedding attracts you, there are limitless ways to go about it. Whether as just a part of your plan or the main focus of the event it can be easily incorporated. Create a beautiful wedding day without leaving behind a huge environmental footprint and you can rest easy knowing you are doing your part to protect our world.

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