The Bride's Diary knows all too well that the lead up to the big day can be one of stress and sleepless nights - combined with the fear of not looking your best in your dream gown! With all the time organising and planning your wedding day, it can be hard to fit in a regular and beneficial exercise routine. Enter Power Plate technology!

Power Plate technology can help take the guesswork out of losing weight and toning up for your big day, while also decreasing stress levels and improving the texture of your skin.

Power Plate equipment employs the concept of Acceleration Training™ to provide great results in fitness and wellbeing. Using Power Plate equipment offers a wide range of benefits, achieving results in as little as three short sessions per week over a six week period. Regular training can help improve muscle strength and tone, flexibility, range of motion and circulation, as well as reduce the stress hormone cortisol and enhance metabolism to aid weight loss.

One bride who knows all too well the benefits of Power Plate equipment is Melanie Harding, who used the Power Plate to shape up and tone before her big day. Melanie and her husband Dean now run their own Power Plate studio, the Body Transformation Centre, in the Sydney suburb of Balmain.

“Before my wedding I felt as though I really needed to tone up my arms and shoulders to look incredible in my strapless wedding dress,” says Melanie.

“I started using Power Plate and within a couple of sessions I could feel my body changing shape. I used
it for eight weeks leading up to the wedding and loved every minute of it, especially since sessions were only half an hour each, leaving me plenty of time to organise the rest of the wedding.”

“Not only did I tone up my arms and shoulders, but I had a killer silhouette in my figure-hugging gown! I was so impressed that my husband and I started up our own studio to help other women achieve the same thing. Now I train women of all ages to feel great about their bodies and have a desirable physique.”

Power Plate classes are available all over Australia. To find your nearest gym or health club offering classes, visit Alternatively for your own machine, Power Plate have home use models available for purchase. 
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