Women can capture Kate Middleton’s style without having to catch a prince, with a wide range of regal rings available at Secrets from $500.

Secrets director Jane Meredith said the buzz surrounding Ms Middleton’s ring has already begun, with Secrets stores around Australia reporting enquires from ladies looking to get their hands on an affordable version within hours of the engagement announcement.

“Statement rings are currently in trend and I think Ms Middleton’s engagement ring will continue to drive demand in large coloured stone engagement rings for some time,” Ms Meredith said.

Interest in coloured stones reached fever pitch this week when British billionaire Laurence Graff paid $46 million for a rare pink diamond, shown above, at a Sotheby’s auction.

The 24.78 carat stone set a record for the most expensive stone ever sold at auction. A 20-carat Secrets ring, shown above,  is priced from $150.

Even Prince William has reportedly opted for diamond simulants in the past, choosing a pair of diamond simulant earrings as a 2007 Christmas gift for his future bride.

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