As part of a new feature on The Bride's Diary Blog, we will be introducing you to individuals who work in the wedding industry... giving you an insight into who they are and why they love weddings!

Stefania with the models
From Left: Natalie Lucas, Vidya Bhat, Rebecca Waterhouse, Stefania Duncan, Sarah Crowley, Chrissie Hoffman.

This week we have been chatting with Stefania Duncan, stylist extraordinaire for Hilde Heim Desidner Bride and Cocktail. Stefania spoke to us about her love of fashion, the satisfaction she feels in helping brides find their perfect gown, and the thrill and excitement involved in the fashions shows, photoshoots and bridal expos that she runs for Hilde Heim...

Tell us a little about Hilde Heim Designer Bride and Cocktail…
Hilde Heim Designer Bride and Cocktail is a couture label, which aims to provide every style of gown which brides desire, and add our own little flair and edge to it. Hilde Heim designs are unique and very individualistic. Hilde Heim is very in-tune with the fashion world and keeping up with the latest styles and setting the latest trends in bridal.

What i
s your role in the business and why are you passionate about it?
I'm Stefania Duncan, stylist for Hilde Heim. I love helping brides find their special gown, and watching their faces light up when they try on "the one" for the first time. Often brides come in and have no idea what they want. I then guide them through the process of choosing the right shape for their body, the right colour for their skin tone and accessories.

With a degree in Event Management, I also run all the events at Hilde Heim, including all our bridal expos, fashion shows and photoshoots. I love my job - who wouldn't want to go to fashion shows for a living!?!

Stefania dressing a model at the French Festival Fashion Show

How long have you been working in the industry? 
I have been working in the fashion industry at Hilde Heim for three years now, and couldn't imagine myself doing anything but fashion. I live and breathe fashion!

What are some of your past business experiences?
Hilde Heim was really my introduction into this business. Hilde has been a mentor to me over the past three years that I’ve worked for her. She has really been a big influence on my obsession with fashion.

What is one of your favourite recollections from your business? 

Over the past three years at Hilde Heim, we have had many interesting brides. I love working with women to help them find their perfect dress. I guess one of my favourite recollections with working for Hilde Heim is when a bride came in for a fitting and brought her girlfriend along, who she wanted to ask to be her maid of honour. The young bride planned a special surprise for her friend by getting flowers delivered to the store and all her other bridesmaids came to celebrate. It was so beautiful to see the reaction between two friends on such a special occasion. Everyone was very emotional and it was so nice to be a part of it.

Tell us a bit about your family and home life…

My family are all very close and supportive of me and my career. I have three siblings who are all happily married. Being the baby bear of the family, I’m unmarried myself, but have my whole wedding planned out – as you can probably imagine! Mum, sister and I love doing our weekly girly outings. I enjoy going for runs every morning with my dog and friends. There’s nothing like mixing fitness, with early morning socialising.

How do you enjoy spending your spare time?

I enjoy frocking up! I love getting dolled up from head to toe and going out with my girlfriends. I’m very energetic and creative, and love doing art. I’m one of those people,  who when I talk on the phone, I’ll be doodling away.

Stefania Duncan with model Natalie Lucas. 

What is your most memorable life experience?

My very first fashion event. I did some work experience at the Australian Fashion Design Awards, and just to see everything up close; and not just in a magazine, was so inspiring. We saw all the models doing dress rehearsals, and the hustle and bustle that happens right before the show. It was such a rush to feel and is something I will never forget!

What are your plans for the future? 
 I am aiming to launch my own racewear / cocktail label in October of next year, specialising in the essential LBD (little black dress).
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