The Sweet Spots and Sweet Drops personalised jewellery collections by Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen are a wonderful way to add a splash of colour and bling to your bridesmaids outfits or even to your bridal ensemble and provides a great memento of your special day! Personalised jewellery has paved the way for brides to create truly unique pieces for themselves.

Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen has sparked the personalised  phenomenon within the fine jewellery sector with the Sweet Drops concept. With the luxurious Sweet Drops, launched at Basel World last year, you can create your own unique expression – constantly giving fresh ways for the wearer to tell their own
personal story with jewellery.

In 2010 a new generation of changeable charms has been designed to offer Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen fans another way to personalise their existing handmade leather bracelet.

The new Sweet Spots in heart or round shapes enable the wearer to find new ways to personalise the Sweet Drops™ leather bracelets. The new Sweet Spots are, like the drops, unique in the design and craftsmanship, but simple and calm in the form - a great complement to the existing sweet dangly drops. Jewellery designer Charlotte Lynggaard created Sweet Drops™, a luxurious bracelet, handmade in Denmark in exclusive calf skin, with beautifully crafted, changeable Sweet Drops™.

Sweet Drops™ with their many shapes and colours provide great versatility, with a wide range of complimentary and individual combinations of the bracelet. This supports Ole Lynggaard´s original idea to design personalised and flexible jewellery, the concept of the company for almost half a century. 

With the many variations you can create your own personalised look, - be it feminine, extravagant or contemporary. The possibilities are endless!

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