The Bride's Diary has Spring Fever! Since the very first days of Spring this year we have had our eyes peeled for anything and everything to help you prepare for your Spring Wedding. Imagine our delight when we stumbled upon the Secret Garden collection by Najo. The garden inspired jewellery provides the perfect accessories for brides and bridesmaids wishing to highlight a spring theme.

Just released at the international JAA Fair, the collection features gorgeous new designs that take their inspiration from natural forms. Sterling silver flowers, leaves, butterflies and shells can be found in abundance, together with bursts of vibrant enamels and glistening 18 carat detailing.

Najo designers have created a collection that blends classic silver with high fashion. From heavy sculptural, hinged sterling silver bangles and rings to ethnic-inspired oxidised tassle necklace, bracelet, earring sets to delicate long drop, cut-out earrings - there’s a piece to suit 
all tastes and ages.

The Secret Garden collection also includes traditional Mexican designs (harking back to the origins of Najo, which was founded after Najo director Jo Tory lived in Mexico in the mid-1980s) that have been given a modern twist to suit the current neo-antique fashion: “Fashion is eclectic at the moment,” says Jo, “which is great for Najo because it means simultaneously there is a market for classic silver, neo-antique pieces, clean fashion silver and coloured enamel.”

“We still love long necklaces and pendants at Najo and have some great designs in our new collection, such as the electroformed large elephant, owl and teddy bear pendants,” adds Jo. 

Najo has also released their first jewellery watch range - four designs of pendants that are watches and jewellery at the same time. Each watch-pendant is sold with a 75cm sterling silver chain.

“There’s nothing like these currently on the market and the response so far has been huge,” says Jo. “It’s certainly inspired us to think about what else we can do with our jewellery.”

Najo’s Secret Garden collection will be available in stores Australia and New Zealand wide from October 2010.

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