As part of a new feature on The Bride's Diary Blog, we will be introducing you to individuals who work in the wedding industry... giving you an insight into who they are and why they love weddings!

This week we have been chatting with the vivacious and bubbly Coralie from Glass Magnolia Photography about her love of photography, the laughs and love she shares with her young son, and the past experiences that have made her the person she is today...

• Tell us a little about your business…

My business is about photos and memories. Its about making people feel comfortable about having their photo taken and capturing moments and memories. My main aim, is to essentially take beautiful photographs that meet the needs of the client whilst maintaining integrity and ethical business practice.

• What is your role in the business and why are you passionate about it? 

I am the girl who does it all, although occasionally I get other photographers in as need be, I am head photographer, assistant photographer, marketing, business manager, cleaner and general everything! 

Why am I passionate about what I do? I am passionate about people and I adore photographs, probably because in my personal life, I have a tendency to forget what has been and be in the moment of what is. Photos for me allow me to remember. Where I was. What I felt. And it's essential to my existence. If you walked into my house you would see my wall of photos. The last year of my life stuck to the wall in moments. 

It’s a natural progression for me that I take photos of people. If you want a picture of your house or the landscape… I'm not your girl haha I'll be the one taking pictures of the people walking and talking and miss the perfect lighting on the landscape. I am a people person. I love the challenge of making people laugh and feel comfortable in what can be uncomfortable situations. 

I am also passionate about creating images that somehow not just capture what is happening, but the emotion of what is happening and add to that beautiful light.. and I'm all tingly just thinking about it. Haha Anyone can take a photo. Especially with cameras getting more and more smart. But not everyone can see and capture what I see. That is what keeps me excited. 

What I love about photography is that is so personal and so universal all at the same time. Your wedding moment is special to you, but show that picture to a stranger and they will still get a tear in their eye, because we as people are universal in our shared experience. 

Capturing that, humanity, whether it’s rock gig or a secret wedding moment, is what drives me. Its what all about!

• How long have you been working in the industry? 

I have run Glass Magnolia for almost 5 years…

• What are some of your past business experiences? 

I have experience in management and small business. Photos were a hobby and a passion of mine from childhood. It was a great day when I could combine my business experience with my passion. I haven’t looked back.

• What is one of your favourite recollections from your business? 

I remember once, early on when I had not long been photographing weddings, I followed a bride in the wedding car to where she was set to meet the groom for the ceremony. Along the expressway the limo pulled off to the side. In her haste and stress to leave the house, the beautiful bride had forgotten her vows. As a willing friend drove back to get them from the house, the limo waited on the side of the road. The bride, who, I will never forget till the day I die, stood in the limo so that she stood out of the sunroof and yelled at the top of her lungs to all the passing traffic “IM GETTING MARRIED” her excitement was indescribable. I love the pictures form that moment. I remember taking pictures with tears in my eyes that day… which gets tricky when you can’t see haha! It’s not everyone who gets to share those moments, and to share them as a stranger and largely an observer is a rare and beautiful surreal privileged experience.

• Tell us a bit about your family and home life…

I am a single mum of a beautiful little boy who is 5. He goes to school next year. We are a team. I haven’t laughed so much with anyone in the world as he and I laugh together. I live on the coast, in a little relaxed beach village called Shoalhaven Heads. I just have to be near the beach – it’s good for the soul and coming home to the layed back vibe this town has is awesome. lol

• How do you enjoy spending your spare time? 

Ahh.. well, funnily enough I take photos. Haha, but not with my beautiful SLR. She is kept for special occasions. I have just over 1000 pictures currently taken on my iphone. Ask me, I’ll show u… haha. There is everything from seagulls to rock concerts and all in between. I adore the challenge of capturing what I see with limited gear. With my pro gear, it’s easy. I know how it works and I know what its limits are. I can get what I want without thinking. The camera phone is so limited its challenging to capture what I want. I love it.

I’m also a life music junky. Haha if u followed my facebook, you would see random iphone pictures of my life, music lyrics, and concert dates… it’s all about the people and the emotion and the moment… enough said??

• What is your most memorable life experience? 

Eva? Or wow… mine is kinda sad I guess. Are you sitting down?

When I was 18, someone I knew and cared about very much was murdered. I was engaged at 18 (I know.. so young, don’t start I was headstrong haha)

My husband to be’s father went missing the day before our wedding day and was found killed in bush land the day we got married. We planned a happy church wedding and we were married in a family backyard because press wanted to put us on the front page of newspapers. I can’t even begin to explain here what I went through. Sadly we are no longer together. You don’t comeback the same after that kind of experience. I was so young. It has made me who I am today.

• What are your plans for the future?

Business – I want to keep taking pictures while I am passionate about it. Glass Magnolia is going really well – it’s a full time job for me, not just a hobby so it takes a lot of work. I’m busy and I love it. 5 years and going strong! Its what makes me tick. I truly believe you have to work in what you are passionate about because otherwise, what’s the point!

Personal plans... laugh every day, always remember where you’ve been, and don’t be afraid to ask the questions when they need to be asked. That’s about all I’ve got right now and I love it. I have also just recently accidently fell into/started some part time work doing marketing and photography for a Entertainment Centre down the coast – it's all about the live music. So I’m ticking all the boxes, even if I don’t ever stop working! Haha 

• Do you have any special offers you would like to share with our readers?

I’m thinking of including digital files with any package that includes an album. This is not something I’ve ever done before.. the idea makes me feel nervous lol but is that what you want? Are you keen??

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