As part of a new feature on The Bride's Diary Blog, we will be introducing you to individuals who work in the wedding industry... giving you an insight into who they are and why they love weddings!

This week we have been chatting with the effervescent Anna, owner and principle photographer of Anna Blackman Images. Anna gives us an insight into why she chose wedding photography over commercial photography, her large family and her seachange to the beach at Coledale... 

• Tell us a little about your business…

I have been working in the industry for 25 years now as a photographer, starting in the Commercial field and turning to what we call ‘Domestic’ photography after I realized I was more into shooting things with a heart and a face, than buildings and products. I have an arts background (with a major in painting) so you can imagine that I love everything arty and spectacular! I love working with dramatic light. I know everyone thinks a bright sunny day is what they want for their wedding, but give me big boisterous clouds any day and I’ll be happy.

I am always trying to find ways to make your average family shot different and cool. There is nothing as boring as a lineup of people looking like stunned mullets!

• What is your role in the business and why are you passionate about it? 

I am the owner, main photographer and the Photoshop wizard. I have two other wonderful women working with me – Judith, my PA and office manager, and Lisa who we call ‘mini me’ because she is also addicted to weddings, photography and Photoshop. I love the fact that I can take a great photo in camera and then bring it back to the studio and make it even more stunning. (And to think I was scared of switching to digital!! It is awesome!) I love people and thrive on being able to be part of, and capture, the moments that make a wedding a remarkable experience. I am an emotional cripple and still cry at weddings after 25 years.

• What are some of your past business experiences? 

I was a barmaid (that’s what they used to be called), and a dental hygienist when I was very young, then an interior designer which lead to photography. I am also a painter and have sold works, but it’s not a career path for me, more a relaxation. Everyone I know seems to think I should open a restaurant!

• What is one of your favourite recollections from your business?

Every single time the bride walks down the aisle and I see the look on the grooms face, my heart swells. Especially if he cries! It is without doubt my favourite recollection, even though I see it constantly. It reminds me why we are here, why it is worth the pain we go through, why love is wonderful.

• Tell us a bit about your family and home life…

I have 4 children (teenagers), 3 cats, 1 dog, 1 husband and some fish (not in that order!) My daughter is trying to talk me into a goose. My husband would have a fit!

I live by the beach in Coledale, but used to live in Sydney until 15 years ago when I made a seachange, partly due to having a Down Syndrome child. I thought the Gong would be a friendly place to raise him and I have not been disappointed!

• How do you enjoy spending your spare time? 

I have to admit I love arty farty French movies, but am also quite fond of stupid movies like Die Hard and Chick flicks, because they always have a happy ending. I love cooking and cooking shows. I love to read novels, particularly crime fiction. I am a mixture of arty weird hippy and intelligent business woman. I love lentils and drive a BMW! (I know, it’s getting stranger all the time!) I love to travel and take photographs. I am addicted to Greece.

• What is your most memorable life experience?

I think birth, death and marriage are for everyone the most memorable experiences that you remember, and that includes me. There are more than one, but I think the most amazing one was the night I met my husband. After talking to him for 20 minutes he said “I have been looking for you my whole life, you are the other half of my soul – you HAVE to marry me”.

• What are your plans for the future?

Eat, swim, read, travel, paint, and of course TAKE PHOTOS!

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